Monday, 16 May 2011


             Before I begin, I want to ask each one of you who is reading this, What is the most important thing you ever want? what are your priorities in life? I hope you must be thinking lot of things, still might be missing one of the most important thing you've always desired, I am not going to tell you what is that important thing is but what am going to tell you is prioritize your life, Priorities change with time like in childhood the only thing I want was a toy, but as I grew I changed my priorities from those toys to something else or may be someone else. Sometimes what I don't prioritize is myself, may be because somewhere inside my tomboy self is a women, now the question is from where in this world we get this behavior of caring for other then us. I have always seen my mother to think of everyone at home except herself. She take care of me, my dad, also of the home and the office. But what she doesn't care for, is herself, maybe because she loves us more then herself. So that means we prioritize things according to our inclinations or the one we love the most? We prioritize things according to things we love. Some people love money and some love pride, some love themselves and some love fights. The worst thing about human is that, having brains they forget their heart and having a heart they forget to use their brains, like when a man uses his brain he forget that his heart is also telling something to his soul and when a heart helps to teach something to the soul, brain stops working. Sometimes our priorities overcome the voice of our heart and we think everything is just as it has to, but in-spite of everything that we've done is not as perfect as it could be, maybe because the voice we ignored was lot more important to fulfill it. Sounds peculiar but its more then just a truth. Everyone is so busy these days in life that even if your heart says you are missing your highest priority, you avoid listening to your heart not because you want to, its just the situation that makes you deaf to listen to voice of your heart. The point to discuss this, is not that why we don't listen to the voice, the point is can we do something about changing this situation, yes we can, but certainly its a tough job to listen to your heart because life has no peace left to listen. If you really need to prioritize yourself in somebodies life then you have to prioritize that person regardless of any of the situation. If you want to be the best man in someone's life you have to prove that you are the best man else life will teach you the importance of that person after certain time and thats when you regret not listening to the heart.

If you really want happiness in your life listen to your heart, it will never ditch you, because brain might works with facts but your heart works with your beliefs. Life and happiness always comes in small packages, don't try to take them in large ones else you might neglect the small ones.

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